Song of the Day (06-01-2022)

Song: Halfway to Nowhere (2016)

Artist: Chelou

Thoughts: Today is the first day of June that means we are officially in the sixth month of the year, which ultimately marks the halfway point of the year. Up to this point, this year has been very trying as COVID-19 is still very much with us, mass shootings are happening almost daily in the United States, Russia is actively violently occupying Ukraine, Israel is continuing its occupation of Palestinians, voter suppression laws are being passed in many states in America, women’s reproductive rights are being taken away globally, transphobic, homophobic, and anti-Black legislation are being enacted all across the United States, and many many more acts of violence continue to unfold. It is truly been a horrific year thus far however, it is not out of the ordinary given the past decade. Therefore, there are still six more months in the year, so where are going? What will the world look like on January 1st? Are you optimistic that we will get our stuff together? Will we work towards transformative change? Me, I am still unsure I really do not see change happening in the next six months given the fact there is an election coming up. I feel like it will be more of the same. But we will see.

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