Song of the Day (06-05-2022)

Song: I left My Wallet in El Segundo (1990)

Artist(s): Tribe Called Quest featuring Norman Cook

Thoughts: You ever lose your wallet? When I lose my wallet or even misplace my wallet I get the worst anxiety it’s like I feel that I lost my whole life. I left My Wallet in El Segundo talks about this feeling in a comedic way. Tribe Called Quest in my opinion is the second best rap group of all time behind the Wu-Tang Clan. Every album the group has put out has been a classic and has stood the test of time I will go far as to say Q-Tip the producer and rapper from Tribe is a top 5 producer of all time. Lil Wayne has recognized the genius of Q-Tip when he sampled this song to make his 2008 song A Milli. Let me know if you catch the sample. Hope you enjoy! Happy Sunday!

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