Song of the Day (06-16-2022)

Song: Be My Baby (1964)

Artist(s): The Ronettes

Album: Presenting the Fabulous Ronnettes Featuring Veronica

Thoughts: I began watching Ms. Marvel on Disney+ last week. Yesterday the second episode was released. With only two episodes I am already a huge fan. I am not going to spoil the show. However, Ms. Marvel tells the story of a 16-year Pakistani Muslim American woman trying to find herself in Jersey City. As she is looking for herself she finds something else. This show is so powerful because we often do not see Brown women especially Muslim women as heroes in Tv and film. This show really embraces Islam and folds the faith into the show. Ms. Marvel also gives us a character who is relatable. The young woman is seen as an outcast, a person who has her head in the clouds, and as a person who does not know who she is yet. It is in this light that the viewer can see themselves in her and ultimately see that there is a little hero in all of us.

I chose this song today because in episode 2 there is a cool dance sequence that is scored to Be My Baby. The scene has almost a Bollywood feel. I hope you enjoy the song! And I hope you check out Ms. Marvel!

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