Song of the Day (07-05-2022)

Song: I Gotta Find Peace of Mind (2002)

Artist: Ms. Lauryn Hill

Album: MTV Unplugged v No. 2

Thoughts: In the midst of chaos, violence, and death how do we find a peace of mind? I shared a few days ago my anxieties for the future and as the violence continues I am becoming more scarred for the future. The loss of life that Jayland Walker experienced last week in Akron really has me down bad. Jayland Walker 25 year old Black man was shot at by the police 90 times. 90 times and 60 of the rounds hit Jaylen. The senseless death of Jayland is just another example of the disregard that the state has for Black life. It is also an articulation of the denial of Black life and humanity.

Then yesterday on the 4th of July a day of celebration for the idea that America is the land of the free it was reinforced that America will never be free of violence. In Highland Park a wealthy Suburb of Chicago a white gunman took the lives of 6 people while wounding at least 2 dozen other people.

It is in these recent acts of violence I once again find myself asking how do we protect our peace and preserve life? And I don’t think we will ever truly be able to answer that question while living in a country that was founded in violence and was built through genocide.

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