Song of the Day (07-20-2022)

Song: Slippin’ (1998)

Artist: DMX

Album: Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood

Thoughts: This song always comes on at the right time in my life. I was making my coffee this morning and Slippin’ came on shuffle. Now the time I spend making my coffee and drinking my coffee is my favorite time of the day because it is the only thing that is consistent from day to day. When I have my coffee it’s a big win for me and a perfect way for me to start the day. Therefore, this time naturally is a time of reflection and counting my blessings. So when I heard Slippin’ I was reminded to be thankful for the pain as well as the joy because I cannot appreciate the joy if I don’t embrace the pain. Also the pain and the tribulations really are the things who make us who we are. So when you are slippin in pain you gotta remind yourself to get up so you can feel that joy!

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