Song of the Day (07-24-2022)

Song: Can You Stand The Rain (1988)

Artist(s): New Edition

Album: Heart Break

Thoughts: Yesterday my aunt thought it would be fun if we went rafting down a river. So we went rafting and as soon as hit we the water the skies closed in with darkness and it began to just pour. As we were floating down this river in the down pour I was mad and I was thinking there is nothing fun about this. In this anger I really had to ask myself what does this anger bring me? It doesn’t matter how mad I was I was not going to get to the end of the river any quicker. Therefore, in this reflection I told myself to just embrace this rain, use this anger to steer this raft towards the end, and find fun in this situation. That’s life you can have anger but do not let it steer you in the wrong direction and do not let it take the fun out of life. So can you stand the rain?

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