Song of the Day (08-18-2022)

Song: Close Your Eyes (And Count to Fuck) (2014)

Artist(s): Run The Jewels, EL-P. Killer Mike, Zack De La Rocha

Album: Run the Jewels 2

Thoughts: On Tuesday my supervisor and I were leaving the office as we were about to step out the door this older gentleman stopped us to talk. This gentleman opened up by asking us what we study. I answered first and said I was getting my PhD in American Studies and Culture and my supervisor followed by saying that he got all of his degrees here at WSU. Then the gentleman said he got his PhD in Engineering here a long time ago. He then proceeded to tell us “Y’all need to take Business law classes, you need to learn how to think like the employer even if you are the employee”. The conversation went on and we just talked about WSU. However, when my supervisor and I exited the building my supervisor looked at me to say “You just got a jewel, Chuck”. This interaction has been with me and has been on my mind since. I think this interaction rearticulated to me that the world is your classroom and your fellow man can be your teacher. And what that gentleman taught me was a nuanced understanding of Double Consciousness in only 2 minutes. Be receptive to information. Peace!

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