Song of the Day (08-21-2022)

Artist: Kanye West

Song: God Breathed (2021)

Album: Donda

Thoughts: Today I am giving a speech to first year college students. I wrote the speech last night. After I wrote the speech and finished watching Return to the 36th Chamber ( my favorite movie) I ended my night in mediation as I was meditating I reflected on my own undergrad experience. In those reflections I continue to realize that everyone I come across in my life is for a reason no matter the size of the interaction. We always are learning from people. People say you take L’s but the only L’s I take in my life are lessons. People are put in our lives for a purpose and we are put in other’s lives for a purpose as well. Only Allah could make such relationships. See the beauty, knowledge, and wisdom in everyone and understand the truth is love and presence. Takbir! ❤️🤲🏽

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