Song of the Day (09/19/2022)

Song: North Of The Sunset (1964)

Artist: Thelonious Monk

Album: Solo Monk

Thoughts: Yesterday was a strange but really cool day. I woke up and got a Mcdonald’s Iced Coffee (What a treat). Went back to the crib and watched the Thelonious Monk documentary Straight, No Chaser for my research. It was a really cool documentary and hella inspiring. But the day got strange because after watching the documentary I fell into a Youtube rabbit hole of watching art documentaries I watched documentaries on Gil Scott Heron, Amari Baraka, Basquait, and Keith Harding. Youtube rabbit holes are always strange to me but this rabbit hole while it was strange it was profound. Watching these documentaries was such a profound experience because I got to see these artists beyond their art and got to see the people behind the art. It’s just wild to me that these humans created such beautiful art that moves people generations later. I am so grateful for art. Life would not be anything without art.

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