Song of the Day (10-13-2022)

Song: Dirty South (1995)

Artist(s): Goodie Mob, Big Boi, Cool Breeze

Album: Soul Food

Thoughts; Last Night I was listening to Soul Food by Goodie Mob, what an incredible album. As I was listening to this project the question dawned on me why is Goodie Mob often left out of the discussion for greatest rap groups? And I think they answer that question in this song when they rap “What you niggas know about the Dirty South?” Not only do they call attention to the sound of the south, but they also do something critical and profound. In many conversations about the war on drugs, I believe the rural and urban south is dismissed. We only hear the stories from New York, LA, D.C., and Detorit really, but Goodie Mob says “The South got something to say”. This song is one of the best articulations of the war on drugs and its consequences on Black communities. And Goodie Mobb really does a wonderful job at teasing and explaining Bill Clinton’s guilt in creating the prison industrial complex. Goodie Mob is for sure underrated for their bars, classic songs, political rigor, and influence on many of today’s southern rappers.

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