Song of the Week (Week 1 of 2023)

Song: God’s Plan (2018)

Artist: Drake

Album: Scorpion

Thoughts: Being that it is the new year I have been reflecting a lot on this past year. In these reflections, I have had conversations with friends to see how their years went. One conversation with a friend, in particular, stands out. It was a conversation about our individual goals.  In the beginning of last year, we shared our goals with each other so that we could hold each other accountable. It was a great plan and I think it paid off because in our conversation I was able to see the results. I noted in our conversation that I accomplished 7 out of 9 of my goals, which isn’t bad at all. With this success, my friend asked me “ Yo Chuck, what are your goals for this year”? I answered him by saying “ I don’t have any goals for this year”.  This answer may surprise you and certainly surprises me. Like, how could I not have any goals? However, I do not have any goals this year because I want to be present more this year. See, when I set goals I become too anxious because I am thinking too far into the future, rather than being focused on the present moment. In reflecting on this I had to ask myself “ Chuck, why are you setting goals? Do you not believe in God’s plan for you”? When I am present I do not need to make goals because I believe God is showing me where I need to be. So, I guess this year instead of having goals I have mantras, and they are “ be where your feet are” and “just do it”. Living out these mantras I am living “God’s Plan”.

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