Harvard Reverses Course on Human Rights Advocate Who Criticized Israel

“News that the university had blocked a fellowship for the former head of Human Rights Watch stirred debate over academic freedom and donor influence”.

When I read stories like this one I fear that intellectual freedom is merely an illusion. Intellectual freedom can only exist if it does not challenge the bureaucracy that is the neoliberal academy. At the end of the day universities are nothing more than businesses, so you better not upset the investors.

And I wonder why can we be critical of the humanity atrocities that China, Russia, Venezuela, etc. commit, but we must remain silent to the genocide Israel is embarking? The neoliberal institutions that quoted Dr. King on Monday should be ashamed of themselves because they clearly do not really value justice. Like Dr. King said, ” Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. So if we are committed to fighting injustice throughout the world we gotta keep that same energy for wherever there is an injustice.

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