Song of the Week (Week 7 of 2023)

Song: My Favorite Things (2003)

Artist(s): OutKast

Album: Speakerboxxx/ The Love Below

Thoughts: Not gonna lie, ever since I passed my exams back in December my anxiety has been kicking my ass. How could I be anxious when I accomplished a huge goal of mine? The answer is imposter syndrome. I remember like 30 minutes after I passed I turned to a colleague of mine and said to him “Holy shit, my life just changed”. At the moment that I said this I did not know what I really meant. But, I do remember the feeling. I felt as if I did not work hard to pass my exams. I felt as if I was just skating by. I also felt that I did not deserve any of the success. Now that I am about three months after passing my exams, I realized my life did not change I am still Charles Allen Ross, I am still the same old Chuck. In still being Chuck I recognize that my life has not changed but rather I am just transitioning to the next chapter of my life. Transitions are hard and they do not just happen overnight. Since transitions are tough you need something to ground yourself and hold you down. The way that I ground myself is by remembering my favorite things. My favorite things are creating, laying in bed and watching reality tv, and drinking a nice cognac with the homies. It is important to do your favorite things because these are things that make who you are. Love and P.E.A.C.E.

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