love stronger than the gun

i love you

No i hate you

Wait i don’t hate you

Who i hate is me

i don’t hate me

i hate my skin

i don’t know what my skin is

But i do know its different

You see it as a crime

i see it as lack of time

i don’t know if i will be fine

But i must not mind 

Because i have to survive

So i can’t hate me 

So i do hate you

But i don’t even know you

And you don’t even know me

But you could be me

But you never cried like me

You were never called nigger

You were never afraid of the trigger

You never seen your people’s blood spilled like liquor

So how can you know me

If you don’t know me how could you love me

If you don’t love me how can i love you

i can love you because i love my skin and me like 23 and me

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