Why are we not talking about what Israel is doing right now?

Violence is not a new phenomenon enacted by Israeli forces towards Palestinians. However, the Biopolitical power that has been exercised through violence by the Israeli State just in the past few weeks is so inhumane. But we do not hear anything or see anything anywhere documenting this violence. And it could be that we are not receiving the documentation of this violence because of Putin and the violence he is leading Russia with to dismantle Ukraine as well as many other former Soviet countries. While this may seem like a legitimate reason to why we are not seeing this violence but it should be noted the violence we are seeing produced by Russia and Israel is merely similar. In both uses of biopower, the violence is charged with tones and rhetoric of “protection of borders and land”, the control of resources, the acquirement of capital, and frankly islamophobia and racism. Thus this is to say the violence practiced by both the Israeli and the Russian States are acts of colonization and eugenics. And these acts should be treated as such. Further, these acts should be seen as great concerns if we are truly committed to preserving life and protecting the rights of all humans.

So what has Israel done in the past few weeks? (Here is a brief summary of some of the major events that have taken place in the past two weeks)

It is this last violent event that I end with because i want to pose the question how are people that are constantly being beaten, killed, subjugated, marginalized, and denied humanity supposed to respond? We must really step up, fight, and stand in solidarity with not only our Ukrainian Brothers and sisters but also our Palestinian Brothers and Sisters from the land to the sea.

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