Fuck American Democracy

With the Courts ruling yesterday I have seen a lot of folks saying this is the end of American Democracy. And I want to be clear no it’s not because America has never had a democracy. A Democracy is an action not a stagnant institution. A Democracy is action created by the people. America enacts action on people big difference. This action that is used is fueled by bio political power and using this power the state has and continues to maim the most vulnerable. Therefore it is time for the people to recognize that there is no democracy and it is this recognition we most mobilize into democratic action. And democracy is not just voting. Democracy calls for different forms of action as the violence of the American Republic has taken many insidious forms.

With all this said I am sad I am sad that we live in a world wherein 9 beings can hold moral authority over the ontology and autonomy of humans. The audacity of America. I was in conversation with a few friends the other night about privilege and one of my quieter friends said “privilege is one word, entitlement”. The 5 people who affirmed this judgement occupy the world through privilege. This privilege has allowed them to be entitled to this false sense of authority. And to those who drink the kool aid of such authority I pose to you what gives you the right? America ain’t shit! Peace.

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