Song of the Day (07-16-2022)

Song: Ambitionz Az a Ridah (1996)

Artist: 2 Pac

Album: All Eyez on Me

Thoughts: On Thursday I was talking with some homies about how as Black men we shrink ourselves as an act of self preservation. We do this so we aren’t seen as such physical threats or so that we don’t come off as the angry Black man or the arrogant uppity negro. However, as I reflect back on this conversation I think about the Black men who inspire me the most like Muhammad Ali, Prince, Jay-Z, Common, Mike Tyson, Jean- Michel Basquait, Malcolm X, Paul Roberson, and many others. What I have noticed about all these men they never shrink themselves they are are always unapologetically themselves. So much so that Ali believed he was so sick that he could make medicine sick. This type of confidence is what I inspire to have. So today’s song is an exhibit of such confidence. Mike Tyson walked out to Ambitionz Az A Ridah in his 1995 fight against Buster Mathis. In this ring walk you see a man on a mission. On my ring walk towards my purpose I’m walking with confidence.

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