Song of the Week (Week 11 of 2023)

Song: The City (2011)

Artist: The Game, Kendrick Lamar

Album: The R.E.D. Album

Thoughts: I have been listening to The Game a lot lately. Like an unhealthy amount, but I ain’t mad. The Game is one of my favorite artist which may come as a surprise because he has made his career from talking mad shit. But I love his bar game so much. So much so that one day I will write a book about the nuances and complexities of his lyricism. However, while his lyricism is superb he ain’t touching Kendrick. I tweeted about this a few weeks ago but why would anyone ask Kendrick for a feature. Kendrick literally washes everyone on their own song no matter what. Like The Game spits fire on this song but Kendrick left earth. Anyways both of these artists are top 10. Where do you have these artists?

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