Will there be College Football?

This past weekend many Division I football programs returned to campus to begin fall camp. However, the 12 football teams from the Mid-American Conference (MAC) did not return to begin camp as the MAC has suspended its fall sports seasons. The MAC decision has major implications including no more MACTION on Thursday nights. There is nothing like seeing a 3-7 Northern Illinois team playing a 4-6 Bowling Green on a cold November Thursday Heartland Night. No, but seriously this decision puts pressure on the other power-5 conferences to make critical decisions. This weekend the power-5 conferences held a joint meeting talking about what will college football look like this fall. And, will there even be a college football season this fall? 

With the college football season hanging in the balance, student-athletes took to twitter voice their opinions using the #WEWANTTOPLAY. In addition, the rest of the power-5 conferences have co-signed the #WEAREUNITED joining the pac-12 movement from last week. I do not know efficient the players will be in their movement because saying I want to play is vastly different than saying I don’t want to play. With conferences saying we are unsure that we want to have a fall season takes the agency away from student-athletes because money is no longer involved. 

Hopefully, whatever decisions the conferences commissioners make is with perspective and the conscience of keeping not only the student-athletes and others involved with athletic programs safe, but also the broader community safe as well. 


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