Song of the Day (07-15-222)

Song: What a Wonderful World (1968)

Artist: Louis Armstrong

Album: What a Wonderful World

Thoughts: It is truly amazing how the things we call mundane can have the most profound impact on us. There have been many moments like this recently in my life. For example last week I got to hold my infant niece for the first time. When I was holding her I got to see how she was growing and maturing everyday not only in size but personality and behaviors. It was cool to see how she was discovering how to use her tongue or watching her try to use her eyes to see what was around her. In watching her grow I realized that’s what life is. Everyday we are growing and maturing we are never the same person we were yesterday. Nor will we be the same person tomorrow. There’s something about beautiful that.

Also this morning I was watering my flowers like I do everyday a very mundane action. However, when I went to water the Lillies I saw something that I don’t recall ever seeing before. I saw two baby birds at the base of the Lillies trying to fly. As I watched these two birds I was hit with a deep sense of joy realizing that we all once were learning to fly/ walk. Or in other words we all trying to move. Not just physically move but to be moved. Life is all about movement and change. But in order to move we first have to learn how to like the birds. Learning is a process in the way that life is. Thus in life you just don’t learn how to move you fall a few times and there are people to teach you. But in order to truly learn you have to be focused and engaged so you get all the lessons. To put this differently you have to be present. And not present in a superficial way or a corny way but present in the sense you are observant of the world around you. Therefore, if you are present there is nothing mundane about life. All life is beautiful and profound. Wake up and smell the Lillies.

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